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Company Profile

Our Vision

To manufacture bullet resistant glass with a size criteria that is larger in dimensions than any competitor within the UAE. The product will cater for the niche market that is so often required by architectural engineers. Thereby drastically reducing manufacturing and delivery lead times due to non-reliance upon overseas suppliers.

Our Mission

We are constantly striving to improve our specifications and upgrade our technology to provide better protection and quality while adding as little weight as possible. BR Glass works closely with industry giants to stay abreast of new armouring technologies and our manufacturing processes are constantly refined and improved due to diligent continuous improvement efforts. In addition, all materials are coded, numbered, and certified by an independent laboratory to ensure consistent ballistic integrity and performance. BR Glass also performs         in-house spot checks to qualify every batch of armoured material used.

Our company supply glass products to the Architectural, Automotive, Furniture and Domestic Appliance Glass Industries and is a leading developer and manufacturer for specialty markets requiring Bullet Resistant products used in high security glazing, hurricane and bomb resistant applications, for both the automotive and architectural industries.

We offer technically driven products that are backed by superior service and the necessary expertise, acquired through intensive research & development. This is achieved by ensuring that we are familiar with worldwide trends and developments.

Relationships forged with our suppliers, locally and internationally, have ensured that we are abreast of cutting edge technology currently being used in high security facilities such as prisons, embassies, detention centres, consulates, banks and armoured vehicle manufacturers.